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Tau gak girls apa ce hukum valentine itu..?

It may be dated 14 February each year is a day eagerly awaited by many adolescents, both in this country and in different parts of the earth. For days, many believed to be the day to express affection. That is Valentine's Day, a day in which the people in the west there makes it as a focus for expressing affection.
And along with the entry of a variety of western lifestyle to the Islamic world, the celebration of Valentine's Day, too, receive a warm welcome, particularly among teenagers ABG. Exchanging gifts valentine, vibrant pink, words of affection, expressions of love with various expression, animate valentine atmosphere every year, even among Muslim teenagers once.
Celebration of Valentine's Say is a part of Christianity Syiar
Valentine's Day according to the literature ilmiyah we can show that the celebration was part of a Christian religious symbol.
Even if you want to be traced back, historically derived ari religious rituals of ancient Rome. Was Pope Gelasius I in 496 which included the ancient Roman rituals into the Christian religion, so since it was officially Christian religion has a new holiday called Valentine's Day.
The Encyclopedia of Britain, vol. 12, sub titles: Chistianity, wrote the following explanation: "To have another closer to Christian teachings, in 496 AD Pope Gelasius I made this ancient Roman rites into the day with a celebration of the church of Saint Valentine's Day in honor of St.. Valentine who happened to die on February 14 (The World Encylopedia 1998).
Such information is not information-fetched, because the reference comes from the west itself. And this information tells us, that the celebration of Valentine's Day came from the Christian religion ritual officially. And the main source comes from the ancient Roman rite. While in the order of aqidah Islam, a Muslim is forbidden to celebrate the big day followers of other religions, either Christianity or religion pagan (idolaters) of the ancient Roman.
Say: O disbelievers. I will not worship what you worship. And you worship what I worship. And I never worship what you worship. And you never (also) become worshipers of God who I worship. For you your religion, and to me, my religion. "(Surat al-Kafirun: 1-6)
When compared with the celebration of Christmas, in fact almost no difference. Christmas and Valentine are both a religious rite of the Christians. So that the MUI was supposed to forbid the celebration of Valentine's execution is just as illegitimate Christmas together. Fatwa Ulama Council of Indonesia illegitimate Muslims attend Christmas celebrations are still clear and remains valid until today. So there should be a fatwa that forbids the celebration of a special valentine for Muslims.
Given that this problem is not merely cultural, but rather related to the problem of aqidah, in which Muslims are forbidden to celebrate religious rituals and other religious holidays.
Valentine's Culture Derived from Shirk.
Ken Swiger in his article "Should Christians Observe It Biblical?" Saying, "The word" Valentine "comes from the Latin meaning," the Mighty, the Most Powerful and Almighty ". The word is shown to Nimroe and Lupercus, the Roman god ".
Whether we realize it or not when we ask people to be "to be my Valentine", means the same as we are asking people to be "The Almighty". Clearly this action is a big kesyirikan, likened the creature to his Creator, turn the worship of idols culture. Icon of the "Cupid (winged babies with an arrow)" was the son of Nimrod "the hunter" god of the sun.
Called the god of love, because he was so handsome women hunted even he committed adultery with her own mother. Islam forbids all things shirk, such as the belief of gods and goddesses. God of love who is often mentioned as the god Amor, is a reflection of aqidah shirk in Islam should be left away. Whereas attributes and accessories Valentine's Day is difficult to be released from the god of love affairs.
As a result, the spirit of Valentine is nothing other than spirit strewn with symbols of shirk which will only bring the perpetrators to hell, zalik min naudzu billahi.
Morale is the spirit of adultery valentine
Valentine's Day celebration at the present time shifting attitudes and morale. If in the Roman period, was closely related to the world of false gods and mythology, and in Christian times become part of the celebration of religious symbols, then at this present time is identical to the promiscuity of young people. Starting from the simplest like a party, dating, exchanging gifts until penghalalan practice legally adultery. All in the name of the spirit of love.
In the spirit of Valentine's Day, there is a belief that doing immoral and religious taboos such as dating, holding hands, hugging, kissing, petting and even sexual relations outside of marriage among fellow teens to be. The reason, it is an expression of love, not lust normal libido.
Indeed not a few parents who volunteered and the sons and daughters understand each other to vent their biological desires with their opposite sex friends, merely because they thought that it was Valentine's Day is a special day to express love.
And love is adultery which is forbidden. Western people are not able to distinguish between love and adultery. The phrase means to make love to make love, should love sedekar associated with feelings and hearts, but each of us knows that the meaning of the make love or make love is to do aka fornication intercourse. The term in the Indonesian language was severely distorted.
For example, the term vendor of love. Is not love no other vendor is another word for prostitute or hawk sexual pleasure?
In the western romantic song that also hit so many pop songs in this country, make love this phrase scattered here and there. Create the west, adultery is a form of expression of affection. Even adultery there are rights protected by law.
Even parents do not have a right to prevent their children from committing adultery with her friends. In the west, adultery committed by anyone, not always God Almighty says about adultery, that the action was not only forbidden, even to him were simply forbidden.
Come not nigh to adultery: for adultery is an act of evil. And a bad way. (Surat al-Isra ': 32)

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