Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

cara unik bergaul dengan siapa saja.......!

1. Respecting Others
We as Humans need each other the life must be able to appreciate all that there is any form to others. Whether it's a problem of opinion, expertise, and personal qualities and her. Do not get out the words that could offend someone lainâ € | Kalo you want to be appreciated by others.

2. Joking
Indeed Bénara € | joke is something that the self-absorbed man, but let's not kidding Over Low in other people and we must look at the situation of people who want us to take a joke do not allow anything to be kidding whom.
Kalo one he was faced with a very severe difficulties we should be able to make her laugh, smile and feel comfortable when positioned next to us even in a state of segmenting possible.

3. The person becomes the Trust
We reply in the Trust by the Friends / Other people, it is not something the Good for us, emang sIha € | believed by friends to make us happy, happy because other people believed. But what makes us hard rada namely whether we can maintain the trust given by others to us??
So, in order that we can maintain the belief that one way is to not get used to the mouth of Ember, and others think the secret is our secret, too.

4. What could be a reliable friend
Well here it is .. whether we can be friends The Baikâ € |?
Do we deserve the call as a reliable friend? Can be relied upon by other people when they get things very difficult.
To become a reliable friend is hard difficult easy. Simply Cara is .. suffice to meet the criteria mentioned above, namely: We can respect other people, can make friends smile under any circumstances mekipun in a very precarious situation, maintain the trust given by the Friends / People.

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