Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

....... HIDUP TENANG......

Life is sometimes made us strees because we are often confronted with problems on issues that arise in our lives, and sometimes very disturbing issues of our lives as uncomfortable bed, the quality is not good work, emotional and so forth, the way that we live in peace is There are a few things:

1.Bekrja well, do the work in accordance with what is assigned.
2.Tidak take the matter to another place, finish the existing problem without waiting for the waiting time
3.Tidak many berhayal what we want karean would only be a burden for us.
4.Bekerja hard because the only way they can achieve what we want.
5.Tidak need denagan think what will happen tomorrow or the next day.
6.Berpikir how will do it later because if you think how the later of how it will encourage us to berhayal danhal can become our habit.
BahwaTuhan sure 7.Percaya and will not give trials that do not fit with our capabilities, so any trial should be thankful for and through.
8.Selalu worship God because the ridhonya things can happen
9.Hormati colleagues and our brothers
10.Jangan memebiasakan himself to talk about other people.

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