Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

tak semua orang bisa mengatasi masalah yang meraka buat....
tis cara menghadapi masalah...?

1. Formulate and be mindful of your thoughts about the mental picture of yourself successful. Keep this didi picture, and never let a blur. Your brain will try hard mangembangkan and realize this picture. Do not ever think you fail yourself, never meraguka relita mental imagination of success. Our minds are always trying hard to realize what is described. Therefore, always described the "success" no matter how bad things were facts that seemed at the time.
2. Whenever negative thoughts about personal strengths appear Amda diotak, immediately voiced positive thoughts to confronting.
3. Do not build obstacles in your own imagination. Kikis any obstacles. Reduce to a minimum. Kesulian Everything must be learned and dealt efficiently with the purpose to be removed.
4. Do not admire someone so much you try you imitate him. Bener Nobody could really be him than he himself. Remember though he look and behave very confident, they often have feelings of fear or hesitation.
5. At least ten times a day, repeat the words of this dynamic; "If God with me, who can stop me?". Say the phrase NOW slowly but steadily to generate self-confidence.
6. Find a competent advisor for consultation so that you more easily understand why you do what you do. Learn the roots of low self-esteem and self-doubt that often begin to appear in childhood. Self-knowledge that can facilitate healing.
7. At least ten times a day, practice the following affirmation. Repeat the words and say out loud if possible. "I can do everything through God who strengthens me". Repeat the sentence NOW. Perntataan miracle drug most mujarabuntuk overcome thoughts of inferiority.
8. Calculate an estimate of your own ability, then raise 10%. Do not be selfish, but to develop self-respect. That is the power you've spent God.
9. Give yourself the providence of God. To do so, stating: "I was in the hands of God". Then you believe in NOW to receive all the power you need. "Feel" the flow throughout your body. Convince yourself that the "kingdom of God is within you" in the form of adequate strength to meet the guidance of life.
10. Remind yourself andabahwa God is always with yourself, so there is nothing to beat you. Believe that you now POWER of God.

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