Jumat, 09 April 2010

Not to love......

I want to love you forever but that love must be gone in a flash in a dream because there is no more love for me and because you go and leave the love that used to be that love will come again in my dreams I want to love is always present in my dreams but that love must be lost in my dreams do you still remember the love that once you give it to me but you want to return the love is only for the hurt it will feel heavy for me if you can not love him like you love me. allow the love that was lost on others who let you even though I can not have you as long as you can be happy with another person who is beside you now make me your brother who you can not have is can you make just sisters but you always have can not you just love to help you if you have something you want just ask ....you go with your love you have you may be happy with new love you ....!!

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